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– Aoudi Legal Services is a legal service firm in Ontario specializing in small claims consumer and commercial litigation and Legal Debt Recovery. Since then, the company has built a nationwide network of legal experts and taken on several multi-billion-dollar companies as clients.

Aoudi legal services work in offering lawful services to various business parts along with an increasingly bespoke exhortation to people. For the last two decades in the industry, Aoudi legal services has gained a reputable name in debt collection and recovery throughout Canada for major companies from both sides of the border. The company has served in a variety of managerial roles, developed an extensive professional network, and made a remarkable identity as an expert on the Canadian legal process.


Hands down, the best Legal services I have dealt with in Canada. Ever. Our company has tried many firms over the past five years, and have had a very difficult time with getting things done in an efficient, timely, and effective manner. In fact, Mr. Fadi was able to resolve accounts for us that were from years ago! That, was mind blowing! What's absolutely unique about his approach, is the initiative he takes, the way he feels the merchants and clients that he works with, and the custom approach he takes to every case (as they are all unique). We are very lucky to have him as our counsel in Canada. Thanks to him, we have been able to recoup years of funds awed to our Company. His honestly and detailed communication as well as availability at any time and day, does a lot for a feeling of security and confidence. That, is very rare to find!
Juliya Denning
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. FADI; he was very patient, knowledgeable and professional in handling my matter. I would definitely recommend Aoudi Legal Services for their transparency and guidance along each and every step of the way in dealing with legal matters.
Immediate Responce Force Inc.

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